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Mac OS Xcentric began it’s life in September of 2000, at the same time Apple unveiled the first Public Beta of Mac OS X to the public. Our goal is the same now as when we started – to provide Mac users with useful news, information and resources as they related to Mac OS X. In the short time that we have existed on the net, we have seen our traffic steadily increase. If you are interested in reaching a segment of Mac users who’s numbers continue to rise, you need to advertise with us.


Banner advertising is available in two sizes – Standard and Mini. Both sizes are available with contract commitments of one to three months, with larger price breaks given to longer term contracts.

Standard banners are 486x60 pixels in size. They can be animated in .GIF format for maximum exposure, or they can be in .SWF (Flash format) for high impact with approximately 96% of the viewing audience.

Mini banners are 180x60 in size. They can only be in .GIF format, and can not be animated.

If you do not have a banner already created, we can accommodate that as well. For just a small one time fee, we will provide you with the required artwork, which you can use here on our site, and on other sites with which you would like to advertise.

Commitment, Terms and Pricing

Ad insertions and prices quoted are based on a 1 to 3 month commitment, unless otherwise negotiated. Our billing is done via email (via Adobe PDF technology). Our terms are 'Net 10' from the invoice date (generally within the first ten days of the month) unless otherwise negotiated.

You can also pay for your ad via PayPal on the internet. This is a quick and easy way to get up and running with minimum hassle. If you are interested in paying this way, please contact us for more information.

Sizes, submission, and submission

Advertisers can run up to five banners per insertion order per site. Large banners conform to industry standards (468x60) and can have a maximum file size 13-15k. Mini banner sizes vary with the negotiated rate and positioning but are always limited to a 180 x 60 pixel and 5k file size. Any artwork that exceeds given file-size limits will be subject to a one-time per-month bandwith charges surcharges without notice.

All artwork submissions must be sent to ads@macosxcentric.com and are usually processed within 24 hours; in some exceptional cases, it may take up to 36 hours. These submissions should include all relevant information, including old banner name, new banner name, alternate text, and start/end dates. You will receive a reply acknowledging receipt of the artwork and then confirmation of any banner changes to the insertion.

Getting Started & Getting Pricing

If you are inquiring about pricing, please send a request to the address below, with an idea of what you are looking for. Please include your contact info, including your Company name, FAX number, phone number, and a description of your product and company.

Click here to request additional advertising information or to reserve your spot!

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