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iTunes 3 now OS X only...
Posted 9:31 AM on Thursday, July 18, 2002 by serpicolugnut

It what is sure to become an instrument for Apple to convince OS 9 users to upgrade, the newly released iTunes 3 is now a Mac OS X only application. Expect all new releases of iApps to be OS X only, as Apple finally gets serious about moving OS 9 users to the new OS.

MWNY: "One More Thing" - 17" Widescreen iMac
Posted 9:28 AM on Thursday, July 18, 2002 by serpicolugnut

Steve Jobs' "one more thing" was exactly what the rumor sites had predicted -a 17" inch iMac. The 17" LCD screen is a widescreen with a resolution of 1440 x 900. It also features a GeForce4 MX 32MB Graphics chip, 256MB of RAM, 80GB HD, Superdrive, and the usual assortment of peripheral ports all for $1999.
This is the first consumer Mac in a long time that we are excited about, as it's a perfect fit for many creative professionals as well. Our only beef with this machine is the relatively small 256MB RAM included with the base configuration, but with RAM being so cheap these days, it's a minor irritant.

MWNY: iPod goes 20GB with new accessories
Posted 10:25 AM on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 by serpicolugnut

Apple has revamped the iPod line with a new 20GB version, and new pricing and features for the 5 and 10GB iPod.
  • 5GB iPod is now $299
  • 10GB iPod is not 10% thinner, features a solid state scrollwheel, new remote control, and a case with belt clip. The iPod 10GB is now $399
  • 20GB iPod features all of the benefits of the 10GB iPod, with 20GB of storage capacity for $499
Apple has also augmented the iPod software with Contacts, Calendering from iCal, a Clock, and easier access to the Breakout game. Apple will be making the accessories available for $39 for current iPod users.
Apple also introduced iPod for Windows, partnering with MusicMatch jukebox for the client software. Windows iPods will be in stores in late August.

MWNY: iTunes 3 debuts
Posted 10:15 AM on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 by serpicolugnut

Apple has announced iTunes 3. New features include:
  • Support for
  • Song rating system
  • Smart Playlists - playlists that dynamically change according to rules you setup
iTunes 3 is a free download at Apple, starting later today.

MWNY: Jaguar ships Aug. 24th
Posted 9:57 AM on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 by serpicolugnut

Apple will ship Jaguar on August 24th. Jaguar will cost $129.

MWNY:.Mac will be a paid only service
Posted 8:09 AM on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 by serpicolugnut

In a move that is expected to generate some serious controversy, Apple is set to convert iTools into a paid services package entitled ".Mac". Current iTools users will be given 60 days to either upgrade to .Mac, or lose their email, iDisk and Homepage functionality.

.Mac will offer some added incentives to join. First off, current iTools users will be offered a 1 year membership for $49.95, $50 off the regular $99.95 fee.

Storage will be increased from the iTools defaults for both email and iDisk. Email will now give you 15MB of storage space, and iDisk will be increased to 100MB. No details were given on bandwidth restrictions, something current iTools customers have been plagued with recently.

Also, included in the package will be Anti-Virus software and Backup software (OS X only). No details were given as to what package will be offered.

Check back here for more details, which are surely to be provided during Steve Jobs' keynote this morning.

MWNY: RealOne Player materializes
Posted 8:03 AM on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 by serpicolugnut

The last holdout of multimedia content for OS X users has arrived. Real today released a beta version of it's RealOne Player for OS X. RealOne features TurboPlay, which elimnates buffering over high speed connections. This copy of RealOne will expire when the final version is releases (no date given).

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